Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Responce From Tim Foster County Of Henrico

Dear Mr. Melancon:

Thank you for your email. I have repeated your questions and have provided the answers below.

  • POD of when this realignment was started.

This proposed alignment was on the 1979 Major Thoroughfare Plan, which allowed the right-of-way to be protected. Right-of-way was dedicated with the Linsey Lakes Subdivision in 1994 and the Springcreek Subdivision in 1997.

  • How many times the project has been on the 6 year plan.

You would need to contact VDOT for that information. It has been on the County’s list of recommended State projects for inclusion in the 6 year plan, submitted to VDOT as a part of the input process every year since 1979.

  • How many times this project has been pushed back.

You would need to contact VDOT for that information

  • How many "reported" accidents have been on this road.

We do not have accident statistics in our office. You can contact the Division of Police for that information at 501-5000

  • What plans if any are in the works to address this roadway.

You would need to contact VDOT to get more specific information since the roadway is maintained by VDOT.


Tim Foster, P.E.

Acting Director

Department of Public Works

County of Henrico

Phone: 804.501.4393

Fax: 804.501.7470

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